Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Altering Photo Copies

Photo Copy
Fixative spray for photo copies
craft paints, photo paints, colored pencils, etc.
powders and glitters
acrylic medium (comes in gloss, matt or satin finish; buy according to your preference)

For this piece (an ATC, or Artist's Trading Card) I used a photo
 from when my husband and I were newly-weds.
First, I collaged a piece from an old book on, and then
I collaged our photo over it, added the words from
Shakespeare, and a border of raised paper. Then I smeared
paint over the edges and wiped it down, covered the whole thing with
Acrylic Matt Medium, and while still wet, sprinkled some tiny gold blass beads.

Either outside or in a well ventelated area, spray photo copy with fixative according to directions. Allow to dry.
Paint or color as desired.
Attach any ephemera with glue or acrylic medium.
Glaze by applying thinned paint over photo and wiping off with a damp cloth, beginning t the center and working out toward the edges.
Rub with powders or sprinkle with glitters, as desired.

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